Welcome to my store!

The Golden Fleece is a fiber institution in Santa Cruz, and I am but its latest humble custodian. I cater to knitters as well as crocheters, and I try to do my bit to keep the spinners and weavers happy as well. I suppose you could call me the “Tatting Headquarters of the South Bay”, since I don’t know of a store that has more by way of tatting supplies.

Space is at a premium since the store is small and there is no “in the back”, but I do my best to carry a varied assortment of yarn, needles, buttons, notions and other fun stuff! if you need something I don’t have, I will see if I can locate and/or order it for you.

So, that’s the stuff, but what about the craft?

Well, I do my best there too. You can come in for help any time, and the store is open seven days a week! Classes for knitting, crocheting, and tatting are available, and there is plenty of comfy couch seating for anyone to come in and hang out – no appointment or class needed.

That said, we have some scheduled hang out times: Monday night crochet starts at 5pm on Mondays and runs until at least 8pm. Tuesday is social knit night from 6pm to 9pm.

You are not banned from crocheting during social knit night by any means; I just scheduled a crochet specific thing on Mondays because crocheters seem to be a little under-represented in general, and I wanted to eke out a special space for them.

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